Celebrate Recovery

Has your behavior, or someone else’s been controlling your life?

Learn How to End This Harmful Cycle


Group Night Meets Fridays at 6:00 pm in the Student Building

(to get there, drive on the gravel road to the left of the main church building )

(Dinner is free at this time)


FBCW’s primary mission is building lives that honor God by connecting, growing, serving and sharing with others in the church and our community.  Unfortunately many people are not realizing the full potential that God has in store for their lives, personally or missionaly.  Ephesians 2:10 states that “We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.”

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered program developed by John Baker. Based on the principles given to us through the Beatitudes in the bible and a 12 step process, Celebrate Recovery allows for God’s healing power to take place, so we can live out the full potential He intended for each of us. (Read John Baker’s testimony here)

Who is Celebrate Recovery For?  Some have heard that Celebrate Recovery is only for addictions such as drugs and alcohol.  Founder John Baker struggled, and recovered from, an addiction to alcohol.  However, Celebrate Recovery is for any one who experiences patterns of behavior or emotions that are continually resurfacing and having a negative impact on you and/or others.  Celebrate Recovery has helped over 5 million people find healing from struggles with behavior and emotional issues such as habitual worry, anger, fear, pride, and anxiety, to those suffering from failed relationships, abuse, codependency or controlling behavior.   The image above include several other issues people have found hope and healing through Celebrate Recovery; and this is a short list.  

What Celebrate Recovery is NOT  a counseling or one-on-one program for individuals. It is an opportunity to work out your struggles along with others, but we don’t try to fix each other. We let God and the lessons taught do this. Except for testimonies given publicly, a participant’s Information is NEVER shared publicly, and it is kept strictly confidential among those you choose to share it with.

Group Night and Step Studygroup night events

What is Group Night?  Celebrate Recovery will meet weekly and is an opportunity for people to gain exposure to Celebrate recovery in a large group (co-ed) setting.

Participants worship and pray together.  There are bi-weekly teachings on the 25 lessons and testimonies of individuals are shared who have worked through their life challenges through Celebrate Recovery.

In addition, men and women separate to meet and share the struggles and challenges they are working through toward recovery and share as you are lead through one of the lessons provided for in the Celebrate Recovery program.

Volunteers needed for Celebrate Recovery Group Night
If you are interested in volunteering for this life changing program, contact Rick Bertino at crfbcwimberley@gmail.com or call 949-246-4396

Schedule for Men’s & Women’s Step Study
And Volunteer Training for Group Night

Group Night support

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step study books


What is a Step Study
Step Study is the heart of Celebrate Recovery and is a structured program to help people take a Christ centered look into any hurt, habit and/or hang-up. Men and women meet separately, and all information shared is strictly confidential.

It is comprised 12 steps with biblical comparisons and 8 principles based on the beatitudes. There are 4 workbooks that contain all the lessons you will need. Meetings are held weekly with a group leader until the lessons are completed, approximately 1 year.

This is where the work is done between you and God along with support and accountability of other participants who share their challenges as they work toward recovery.
Men’s Step Study
Email Rick Bertino or contact Rick by phone 949-246-4396 to step study.

Women’s Step Study
Contact Sharon Castle (253-225-5604) to learn more.


Go here if you would like to learn more from founder John Baker  

Go here to listen to some brief but powerful Celebrate Recovery testimonies

If this is the first time you are considering Celebrate Recovery for your personal needs,

Need some inspiration and hope now,
watch this video and others by artist and CR beneficiary Zach Williams

We sincerely look forward to meeting you and help take the next steps toward your recovery 

Pat Garrard, Zara Grace, Darren Banks & Rick Bertino

Contact Rick Bertino with any questions.

Rick Bertino – 949-246-4396 – crfbcwimberley@gmail.com

Celebrate Recovery